About Us

  • At Petals Loft, we bond over our love for flowers. Inspired by faith, nature and hope, we design florals mindfully, embracing individuality and beauty of imperfections.

    Petals Loft aims to be a safe space where creativity and passions meet, this is why we love having you over at our workshops! We are happiest when we create in our studio with worship music and podcast in the background.

  • Meet Eileen & Alice

    Eileen has a keen eye for beauty and specialises in organic floral design. Growing up in a first generation nursery business, she has many happy memories marked by flowers. She develops a sharp eye for floral details and colours and finds herself immersed with creating delicate floral designs that are elegant and unique. She makes all things pretty with her hands!

    Alice’s passion for floral design and desire to learn and share are heartfelt. Her floral journey begins from a season of pain and she soon finds healing in floral design which she wishes to pay it forward. She loves how the blooms lift and add colours to different seasons in life. Her flowers aim to restore, invigorate and always have a story to tell.

    Journeying with our clients, understanding their floral visions and implementing the final blooms are what truly make our hearts sing. We are humbled as clients become friends.

    We have a dedicated team working tirelessly behind the scenes with us whom we still celebrate with a silly high after each installation and wedding.

    We hope our blooms bring smiles and aim to support non-profits every year.

    Come meet and chat with us in our humble studio!