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We had much fun doing this up.  We wanted a fun and playful piece, to create a little portable box, a talking point for our Moms.  A floral arrangement that shouts out gladness, happiness.  This fun creation brought back memories of how Moms always made it fun for us in our younger days – playdates, parties and just simple meals out.  We do remember them.

“Thanks Mom, for being our gatekeepers, our pom pom cheerleaders!   We may not express our gratitude nor always appreciate your advice, but deep within we know you are always for us.”

Pictured is a floral box arrangement of ranunculus, tulips, carnations, gerberas, tanacetum, allium, pom pom, roses and foliage.

Size of Bouquet Approx. 21cm (W) x 42cm (H)


Product Information

Each creation is carefully handcrafted and the actual arrangement will have their own unique characteristics as all florals flow differently.

Rest assured that your arrangement is definitely uniquely yours and we will keep in mind your color palette and overall aesthetic of the flower orders.

Delivery Details

Standard deliveries will be between 9am - 7pm on Mondays - Saturday.  We are closed on Sundays. 

Delivery is charged at $15 per location, we are pleased to offer Complimentary Standard Delivery between 9am - 7pm for all purchases above $70. 

Please refer to our Delivery page for more info

Care Tips

When you bring your bouquet home, 

  1. Pick out your favourite vase!  A good rule of thumb is to choose a vase that covers at least half the height of the stems and with appropriate mouth size to accommodate all the stems spaciously.
  2. Clean out the vase with dish soap to ensure no existing bacteria. 
  3. Fill up the vase to one-third full of room-temperature water.
  4. Add flower food into the vase.
  5. Remove the bouquet packaging and water bag gently, keeping the twine that holds the bouquet intact so as not to lose the arrangement.  Alternatively, you can remove the twine and arrange the flowers on your own too.  Go ahead and try it!
  6. Trim about 1.5- 2cm off the ends of stems at a diagonal angle to give flowers a fresher and bigger surface area to best absorb water.  Remove wilted flowers and leaves from the vase to prevent water contamination. 
  7. Finally, gently place your fresh blooms into the vase 
  8. Do change the water and give the stems a fresh cut daily.  This will prolong the longevity of our blooms.

Enjoy your blooms!

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